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The ibusiness┼ planning and scheduling tools provide a suitable solution regardless of whether you operate in a 'make to stock', 'make to order', 'assemble to order' or mixed mode manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing orders can be generated directly from sales orders or forecasts, without requiring the additional overhead of a master production schedule. All of the purchasing and manufacturing requirements can be viewed by drilling down directly from the sales order making it easy for sales staff to answer customer inquiries without having to consult with manufacturing or purchasing.

You have the option of running MRP (materials requirement planning) by itself or MRP and CRP (capacity requirements planning) together. We provide scheduling options unavailable in virtually any other package in our price range. For example you can run backward scheduling to either infinite or finite capacity, as well as forward scheduling to finite capacity!

There are many tools available to ease the scheduler's job. Output from a scheduling run is available in report format, as an on-line list, or as an on-line spreadsheet showing either inventory forecast or capacity requirements. In some environments juggling capacity between work centres is essential and ibusiness┼ makes that easy too. Simply load as many as three work centres at a time into the 'drag and drop' rescheduling window, and with the click of a mouse transfer loads between them. Need to change a date to balance a load? We make that easy as well! Double-click on the date field and a calendar pops-up to let you pick the new date, and that task is then automatically rescheduled.

Purchasing is easy too. After a scheduling run your buyers only need to load the materials requirement plan window. From there they can easily review all planned orders and with a click of can convert them into either requisitions or purchase orders. No re-keying is necessary. No more tedious sifting through reports. All the information you need on one convenient screen.

For 'make to stock' manufacturers ibusiness┼ will review forecasts and orders to determine the planning horizon and will recommend a master production schedule which can then be scheduled using the same methods as in the 'make to order' environment.

Feature Summary

Finite scheduling
Infinite scheduling
Make to order scheduling
Master production scheduling
Materials requirement planning
Critical path viewer
Forward & backward scheduling
Convert planned orders to requisitions or orders
Capacity requirements planning
Drag and drop load rescheduling
Create manufacturing orders directly from sales orders or forecasts
Workcentre load spreadsheet
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